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Passionate product creator with a solid background in engineering, design and UI/UX.

Co-Founder of Goat Games, several years working on freelancer projects in Germany and Luxembourg, now back in Spain working with top international companies on their digital challenges.


Close to 10 years of experience leading teams creating digital products for big companies, software labs and start ups in finance, digital media and games amongst others.

I believe in making things happen, out of the box thinking and creative problem solving, always looking for innovative ideas and continuous improvement of exisiting solutions.


I enjoy to travel and discover stunning new places as much as a relaxing yoga practice, a walk through nature and creative activities like painting, cooking and photography.

Giving support to organizations and projects to preserve nature and wildlife like the Koala Habitat Restoration Project (Treehuggers) or the Wildlife Sponsorship Program (Wildlife Preserve Trier).

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